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Falcon Alarm Monitoring CR S.A., commercially known as Falcon Security (Seguridad Falcon), is a company founded at the end of 2012 in Guanacaste. We became registered, and authorized in April of 2013 by the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Safety, within the division of ‘Private Security’. Falcon Security holds the following licenses No. 0075- 2013DSSP and No. 00262014DDSSP, which qualifies and authorizes us on the legally exercise business activities, specialized in electronic security and massive events security.

We are located in Nicoya, Guanacaste, our office building is found across from the Ministry of Labour office, La Cananga neigborhood in Nicoya.. Our main goal is to offer a high-quality service in security, supported by capable team experienced in all levels, from management to technical and certified security officers.


Falcon Alarm Monitoring manages a complete,limitless service in C.C.T.V. Technologies, which provides video surveillance equipment visually designed to monitor a variety of places and activities, customizing the needs and requirements of the property and guaranteeing the satisfaction of all customers security objectives.


Our company and officers are legally registered by Private Security Services Department of the Ministry of Public Safety and set up by professionals with vast experience on commercial and personal security.


The presence of our surveillance cameras, provide a positive impact on community safety because of the coverage and constant monitoring of the range area. Offenders or burglars will think twice before comitting a delective act.


Falcon Alarm Monitoring features a modern alarm monitoring system, which represents the best format of the International System in this Industry of “CONTACT ID” . Technology based on high speed communication that garantees the fluid transit toward our reception station through a variety of methods such as landline phones,cell phones and IP connection.