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Alarm monitoring Falcon has a modern alarm monitoring system, which format is the best in the industry in the Universal System of "CONTACT IDENTIFICATION" is based on high-speed communication that responds signal traffic to our central monitoring station , by various methods such as landline telephones and cellular lines, and by IP connection (internet connection). At Falcon, we monitor the alarm systems of our clients from our headquarters in Nicoya and throughout Guanacaste.

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Our company and our officers are duly registered in the direction of private security services of the Ministry of Public Security and set up by professionals with extensive experience in the field of business and personal security. The officers are trained and certified in the areas of physical security, weapons management and primary medical care. We currently have 2 Honda 250 cc motorcycles and 2 rugged Land Cruiser patrols, labeled and equipped with specialized equipment such as lights, cameras and GPS to provide the best service with our armed response.

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Falcon Alarm Monitoring offers a complete limitless service in C.C.T.V. Technologies (Closed Circuit Television) which is a visual video surveillance technology designed to monitor a diversity of environments and activities complying with all the requirements of the site to monitor and to meet all the client's security objectives. These systems include night vision, operations assisted by software platforms and cameras that handle analytical video rendering an "intelligent" system.

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This service is awaiting at the moment; hoding off to receive enough interest from the business places in our community. Please fill out this form and confirm your willingness to help us calculate the real interest percentage in Nicoya for the escort service of goods or bank deposits.