Safe Street

How is this idea born?

With the increase of deliquency in our community, there was a need to promote a feasible security solution efficent but low cost give higher control to the admass users in all the solutions our company could directly offer. “Safe-Street” consists in a comunal organization of mínimum 4 a 5 neigbors from the same street who decide to share a security installation investment and choose one of their houses to place a video recorder with internet access and minimum 4 high properties vandal- proof cameras. Negighbors become participants and responsible of “Safe Street”.

They all will have access to the visibility of the cameras on the Internet of their mobile devices with Android or IOS.

Safe street Objectiva

With the visual presence of video surveillance cameras, we generate a positive impact on the communal restfulness with the area being constantly monitored. Thieves and burglars will think twice before committing a criminal act on these conditions.

Additionally, in thefts, robbery, kidnapping or some other vandal act, there is a great possibility that these well-placed cameras will offer enough evidence for the Judicial Investigation Organization "OIJ" and the neighbors to act in pursuit and against the offender. Optionally, Falcon Security offers an alarm system linked to our monitoring platform with armed response and the option of monitoring these same "Safe Street" cameras that are reviewed to support a notification of an event in the neighbor's alarm system, which is installed inside this same street giving a pre, essential, notice to our officers as they respond.

Description and Costs "Calle Segura"

Falcon Security installs a CCTV "Closed-Circuit Television" system of a worldwide recognized quality brand. The installation cost varies depending on the area to be covered, which entails technical service and installation, plus a monthly rental fee.

The great advantage of renting this equipment is the full guarantee Falcon Security of maintenance and replacement of equipment in case of failure, within 24 hours of notification confirmed by the company.

A neighbor "leader" must be chosen on the chosen street for the implementation of the project "Safe Street" of Falcon "Preferentially the house where the equipment goes must be centralized to the area to be covered " and the owners should agree to be available for the physical installation process of the recorder and willing to provide access to an internet service so that the cameras can be displayed on their neighbors participants phones, tablets or computers. Falcon Security is committed to schedule the installation of the CCTV system. If it is installed without Internet, they could not be viewed remotely, but they still will record locally and display on the monitor. If the CCTV system is installed without internet access, it will function locally with the understanding and the authorization of the "leader" neighbor then all invoices will be cancelled awaiting for Falcon Security. When it will be the time to link the CCTV system, after the local installation, then it will be coordinated and scheduled with Falcon security.

The neighbor "leader" will be responsible for signing the contract with Falcon Security as the main street contractor and as such, he ensures to pay the monthly and the technical service of the installation, which involves being responsible to charge the other neighbors their proportional payments.

A secondary neighbor will be appointed to support or replace the neighboring "leader" in case of a transference of the same or an eventual change that was required for the well development and validity of the project. Eventually, if it is necessary to move the recording equipment and the Internet access to a new neighborhood location the technical service will be re-quoted by Falcon Security according to the conditions of the particular case.